IT Infrastructure Hardware Services

  • Biometric Access Attendance Solution
  • Data Centre Hardware
  • End User Computing (HARDWARES)
  • Servers & Storage
  • Payment System Terminals & Devices (PAGA)
  • ATM Haulage, Staging & Civil Work
  • Keyless Entry Systems Installation & Maintenance
  • Electrical, Mechanical & Advance System Infrastructure Engineering

Software Services

  • E-commerce Websites & APP Development
  • Software development & Systems integration
  • Consulting services & Training
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Software
  • Enterprise Resources Platform Solutions
  • Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS)
  • Document Management and Archive Software 
  • Kaspasky Anti Virus & Internet Security


    • Installation & Maintenance of  Wide Area Networks & VSAT
    • Installation & Maintenance of  Local Area Networks
    • Installation & Maintenance of  Network security & Management
    • Supply, Installation & Maintenance of  Power & Solar Inverters
    • Supply, Installation & Maintenance of  IP Base CCTV

    Managed Services

      • End User / Services Support Outsourcing Services
      • IT Field Support Operations Outsourcing
      • Data Centre Operations Outsourcing
      • IT Software / Hardware Managed Services & Outsourcing





• Modern Access Network
• Cellular Infrastructure Development
• Microwave Radio Transmission
• Project Financing


Our mass areas of expertise in this strategic Business unit include installation of cable networks (copper and optic fiber) and infrastructure development for cellular (GSM and CDMA) operators.


This entail the installation of cable networks both for new projects and expansion schemes using copper and optic fiber cables.

Copper Cables
Installation of cable networks both for new projects and expansion schemes:-
We have successfully carried out installation of copper cable networks in several major cities. Our works encompass both new installations where there are no existing cable networks and expansion schemes. Expansion schemes involve the expansion of available cable networks to accommodate increasing demand due to growth in major cities and urban centers.

Optical Fibre
We have undertaken the installation of optic fiber links between cities via the high ways. We have expertise for splicing and termination of optical fiber cable.

Civil Works For External Line Plants
A major part of our activity is the associated civil works for external line plants.
- Duct routs:- From 1 way - 48 way ducts

- Construction of manholes: Various types, from straight manholes to exchange entry manhole are built and installed by us.

- Joint boxes: - We undertake the construction of various types of joint boxes and inspection chambers and installation of accessories.

Surface Reinstatement
We have a professional team that undertakes the reinstatement of surfaces.
Usually roads and concrete works may need to be damaged to enable cables to be laid. Such damaged surfaces may be

- Asphalt Surfaces
- Concrete Surfaces
- Road Shoulders
- Interlocking stones

An integral part of our work is usually to make good all damaged surfaces and restore them to their original state after laying cables. Our reinstatement team within the cable department possesses the machinery and equipment to promptly reinstate such surfaces thereby causing minimal disruption to vehicle traffic and other users.

Cable Pulling
Cables both copper and optical fibers are pulled through ducts where necessary. These ducts may either be constructed by us or existing. We undertake calibration of ducts, pulling of cables through such ducts, sealing of ducts to prevent water seepage etc.


We do structure cabling for power, data and voice. We undertake Systems and Software integration for wide area and local area network.


We do comprehensive systems maintenance for printers, computers, monitors, laptops, LCD screens, ups and stabilizers. Corporate training on Windows software Modules.


We also specialize in corporate, individual and small organization website. Our websites are dynamic and advertises your services to the corporate world.


This involves the supply, installation and commissioning of cellular networks.

The activities here include:-

• Turnkey procurement and supply
• Site acquisition and preparation including soil testing
• Civil engineering including foundation works and fencing
• Tower installation including the running of RF and microwave cables
• Shelter assembly and retrofitting including electrical and air-condition fittings and alarm systems.
• Generators installation including change over switch and NEPA to site
• BTS installation, including RF antenna
• Rectifiers and batteries installations and commissioning
• Testing, commissioning and network optimization


Mass Telecoms has the in-house expertise to carryout microwave related works as an integral part of cellular infrastructure development as follows:

• Microwave radio path analysis and survey
• Radio frequency (RF) planning
• Microwave radio installation and commissioning
• RF installation and optimization for BTS/MSC.
• BTS Sites auditing.
• Node B Installation.
• 3G Installation.

• List of projects undertaken
• Transmission
• Switching


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