Moguls TechCommunications Limited (MTC) started operations in the year 2002 as an Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Company duly registered by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and licensed with the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC)  to provide a broad spectrum of world-class telecommunication products and services especially in the areas of sales, installation and maintenance  of telecommunication switching and transmission equipment such as telephone exchanges, (Switches, Gatekeepers, GSM Base Transceiver stations) V-SATs, Carrier Grade Microwave Radios, Copper and Fibre Optic cable splicing and termination to corporate organizations.

The company has grown steadily by building capacities harnessing local expertise and international skills in project management and financing. The business founders remain at the heart of MTC and continue to inject their passion and commitment to the business.
The real strength of MTC is in its ability to forge key partnership for capacity building (both with local and international telecommunication companies) in-order to deliver world-class telecommunication design and project management capabilities and providing financing for turnkey telecommunication and infrastructure development.

At the moment, MTC has forged technical support relationship with Italtel of Milan, Planeta LUZ of Brazil (Joint Venture arrangement), Beijing Rosenberger, China (Market representation) and Eastcom, China (market Representation).

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